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Planetary Protocols: Anna Puigjaner

Planetary Protocols is a new, cross-disciplinary series of talks that brings together international thinkers and practitioners to present their work and perspectives on architecture, design, identity, and statehood.

In the first open talk of Planetary Protocols at ArkDes, Anna Puigjaner—co-founder of Barcelona-based architectural practice MAIO and winner of Harvard University’s 2016 Wheelwright Prize—presents her research on “Kitchenless Cities”.

Kitchenless Cities
There was a time in New York when the house was understood as an open system. It was designed, not as a single entity, but as a set of connected fragments that could change depending on the need. The space was flexible and adaptable on demand, and expanded also by means of collective domestic services and spaces. The kitchen was optional as the rest of the rooms and sometimes it was left apart, kitchenless.

This typology blurred the traditional limits between the public and the private sphere, between the domestic and the urban, and thanks to its flexibility and share-ability was able to shrink radically housekeeping costs, waste and labour. Still nowadays the idea of home is ultimately a cultural construction whose malleable limits go beyond its physicality. A home, and its kitchen, is therefore a diffuse entity.

Open lecture followed by a response by curator Maria Lind.

Curated by James Taylor-Foster
Produced by Elisabet Schön
Graphics by Daly & Lyon
Photo by Alba Yruela

Free entry; registration required.

Fully booked!

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Tuesday 3 April

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