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Opening Vernissage! ‘Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron’

Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron is the first in a series of exhibitions that brings together some of Sweden’s most talented architects to consider the question: What do we want our city to be?
Free from the constraints that define most architectural projects, eight architects and practices have been invited to present speculations on the future of Skeppsbron and Skeppsbrokajen in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Historically, this large waterfront site has been one of the city’s most vibrant commercial centres and stands today as a defining image of the capital. But there is no clear vision for how this important slice of the city could be used in the future.

Speculation has always been a fundamental aspect of architecture and urbanism. A central role of the architect is to think differently. Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron celebrates the architect’s ability to address the city as a layered, multifaceted environment capable of absorbing radical and unexpected proposals that help us to see the potential of the city in a new light.


Esencial – Carmen Izquierdo
Elizabeth B. Hatz
Hermansson Hiller Lundberg
Nilsson Rahm
Tor Lindstrand


17.00: Presentations from participating architects in Aula ArkDes. Please note that there are limited seats. No pre-registration required.
18.00: Inauguration by Kieran Long (Director) with James Taylor-Foster (Curator)
18.15: Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron opens
18:15-20.00: Bar in Café Blom!


Friday 26 April