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Guided tour: Arcitecture in focus: Tensta

Tensta was one of many new districts that emerged in the Stockholm region in the 1960s. And after just two years of construction, the first tenants were able to move into apartments there. Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum) has recreated the apartment of the Artursson family, who moved to Tensta in January 1969. Everything has been recreated, from their furniture, books, records and magazines to the canned foods in their pantry. This tour will allow you to experience how everyday life may have been for a family at the time Olof Palme first became prime minister, Swedish TV had only two channels, 1 öre coins were still in circulation and milk in Stockholm was delivered by the dairy cooperative, Mjölkcentralen (The Milk Central). The guided tour will be led by Eva Larsson, architectural historian. Price 120 kronor. Tickets can be purchased through Stadsmuseet. NOTE: The tour will be conducted in Swedish.

Read more about the guided tour and book tickets here.

This autumn, Stadsarkivet (Stockholm City Archives) and Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum) will be presenting a number of exciting lectures, events and guided tours in collaboration with ArkDes and in connection with the exhibition Flying Panels – How Concrete Panels Changed the World (18 October 2019 – 1 March 2020).


Sunday 27 October

11:00  Tensta

Sunday 27 October

14:00  Tensta