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Cinema Queer and ArkDes presents: ‘From Toilets to Tablets: Cruising Through Time’

Cinema Queer in collaboration with ArkDes proudly presents an evening in the footpaths of cruising with a curated selection of short films in the garden on Skeppsholmen, a panel discussion addressing cruising as an act of resistance, and guided tour with James Taylor-Foster of the exhibition Cruising Pavilion: Architecture, Gay Sex and Cruising Culture in Boxen at ArkDes.

Since the dawn of time, queers have hooked up for sex in all corners of society: in parks, alleys, on beaches and toilets, in clubs and in basements. With two short film programmes Cinema Queer makes space for some of these stories – some true, and some fiction. In From Toilets to Tablets: Cruising Through Time we present the raunchy, the tender, the political, the naked, the power and the resistance that is inherent in cruising.

17:00 Tour of Cruising Pavilion: Architecture, Gay Sex and Cruising Culture with James Taylor-Foster

18:45 Panel Discussion: Cruising as an Act of Resistance with Lina Bembe, Max Disgrace, Johnnie Ray Kornegay III, Jon Voss and Nicklas Dennermalm (moderator).
19:30 Film Program Part 1: The Sweet Sense of Desire
20:30 Film Program Part 2: In the Darkest of Alleys
Bar & DJ in Café Blom until 22:00

Lina Bembe is an actor, activist and co-creator of Tribute, a film by Max Disgrace, Linn has starred in the Bruce LaBruce movie The Misandrist and is currently filming a new movie with Poppy Sanchez.

Max Disgrace is an activist and filmmaker based in London. Disgrace is a long time curator of the London Porn Film Festival and is a guest of Cinema Queer 2019 with the film Tribute.

Johnnie Ray Kornegay is an artist, photographer and activist based in Atlanta, USA. He is the Mobilisation Director of Counter Narrative Project, a US-based political home for black gay men and allies that seeks to amplify the voices of black gay men and thereby shift the public narrative.

As a gay activist Jon Voss has been involved in RFSL (gayradion, Rosa Rummet and Frigörelseveckorna), Homosexual Socialists and Homosexuals Against Apartheid. He has also been an important activist in the international gay movement (ILGA) throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. In addition, he has been involved in SLM Stockholm. When the magazine Reporter ended in 1995, he started the magazine QX, which is Sweden’s only LGBT newspaper today.

Nicklas Dennermalm (moderator) is connected to the Karolinska Institut where he researches gay sex in Sweden and chem-sex habits in Berlin. In 2005, alongside Andjeas Ejiksson and Johan Lundh, he was involved in the creation of a memorial about urinary cruising. He works with HIV and health in the context of the local cruising community with RFSL Stockholm and Sexperterna.

This event is a collaboration with Cinema Queer.

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Friday 27 September

17:00  Admission free. In English.