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The exhibition Public Luxury. Dansbana, an outdoor dance floor.

Dansbana! ArkDes. Design: Dansbana!

From baroque to hip-hop at Dansbana! ArkDes

Come to “Dansbana! ArkDes” and do the charleston, try out your baroque moves, dance the capoeira, or get into hip-hop!

Every pass lasts 30 minutes and there are talented instructors from le Capoeira, Menuett Academy, Megashop, and Charleston Harlem Hot Shots / Chicago Swing Dance Studio ready to teach you some moves. Free admission.

13:00 Baroque Dance
13:30 Capoeira
14:00 Charleston
14:30 Hip-hop

“Dansbana! ArkDes” is a work which forms part of Public Luxury, a major new exhibition at ArkDes exploring the public realm. “Dansbana! ArkDes” is a place for spontaneous dance on Exercisplan, Skeppsholmen, where members of the public can connect to loudspeakers via Bluetooth, play music, and dance! Behind Created by Dansbana!, an organisation who work to create public places for dance.


Saturday 2 June