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Ur filmen Into Eternity. A technician at Onkalo, a nuclear waste storage facility in Finland.

A technician at Onkalo, a nuclear waste storage facility in Finland

Film Screening: Into Eternity

To coincide with The Future Starts Here, an exhibition interrogating our relationship to technology and design, ArkDes presents three film screenings that each explore the impact of design on Planet Earth. From different perspectives and with different approaches, each film asks a simple question: to what extent is the planet a design project?

Into Eternity

How can we warn future generations of the deadly waste we’re leaving behind? What languages and signs will they understand? And if they do understand our warnings – will they heed our instructions? Onkalo, the world’s first permanent nuclear waste repository, is currently being built in Finland. It must be able to withstand climate change, natural disasters, people’s forgetfulness – as well as their curiosity – for at least 100,000 years. Onkalo – the Finnish word for “hiding place” – is according to director Michael Madsen, “A place we must remember to forget.” (Director: Michael Madsen. 2010. 1 hr 15 min)

In Aula ArkDes. Free admission.


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Tuesday 26 March