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City walking tour: Concrete on Södermalm

Concrete was the most common building material in the 20th century and formed modern Sweden. Today, we often associate concrete architecture with the suburbs and the Million Programme, but this walking tour will take us concrete hunting on Södermalm. We will pass post-modern buildings from the 1980s, overpasses and motorways, old industries, buildings from the Million Programme and schools – everything built in beautiful concrete. During the tour, we will also hear about the lost lake Fatburen, Söder Torn and the old Kooperativa Förbundet’s (Swedish Co-operative Union) sausage factory. The tour will be led by Per Olgarsson, building conservationist, Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum). Tickets 120 kronor. Tickets may be purchased through Stadsmuseet. In Swedish.

Read more about the walking tour (in Swedish) and book tickets here.

This autumn, Stadsarkivet (Stockholm City Archives) and Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum) will be presenting a number of exciting lectures, events and guided tours in collaboration with ArkDes and in connection with the exhibition Flying Panels – How Concrete Panels Changed the World (18 October 2019 – 1 March 2020).


Sunday 10 November

14:00  Södermalm