The exhibition Sigurd Lewerentz: Architect of Death and Life is now closed. In connection with the last days of the exhibition we wanted to acknowledge the exciting research and thinking about Lewerentz that has happened beyond the museum. ArkDes welcomed the audience to a research symposium where academics, writers and other researchers shared new ways of discovering the works of Sigurd Lewerentz.

Wilfried Wang
Architect and co-founder of Hoidn Wang Partner in Berlin.

Caroline Constant
Professor Emerita of Architecture at University of Michigan.

Matthew Hall
Architect and Associate Professor at Auburn University in Alabama.

Karin Björkquist

Sven Blume
Film director and photographer.

Carlotta Torricelli
Architect and founder of TA Lab, PhD in Architecture and Adjunct Professor at Milan Polythecnic.

Patrick Lynch
Architect and founding partner of Lynch Architects, poet, PhD in Architecture, Honorary Professor of The University of Liverpool and teacher at The Bartlett University College, London.

Eireen Schreurs
Architect, reader at TU Delft and PhD candidate at the KU Leuven, Antwerp

Caroline Voet
Architect and founder of VOET architectuur, Associate Professor of Architecture, KU Leuven, Antwerp.

Kieran Long
Director, ArkDes

Max Ahrent
Assistant Curator, ArkDes

09.30 Registration

00.00.07 Introduction and opening remarks by Kieran Long and Max Ahrent

00.07.24 i.e.
Speaker: Wilfried Wang

00.50.09 Lewerentz, landscape, and cemetery design
Speaker: Caroline Constant

01.31.10 Lewerentz: Fluctuations
Speaker: Matthew Hall

02.19.50-03.00.49 Lewerentz through the camera lens (panel discussion)
Speaker: Karin Björkquist and Sven Blume
Moderator: Max Ahrent

03.02.02 Anachronism as Avant-Garde. The Chapel of the Resurrection by Sigurd Lewerentz
Speaker: Carlotta Torricelli

03.46.09 Physic Realities: Sigurd Lewerentz and the Deep Time of Architecture
Speaker: Patrick Lynch

04.43.54 Actualising History. Retracing Lewerentz’s Sketches
Speaker: Caroline Voet

05.22.05 Closing remarks by Kieran Long