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Open House Stockholm: ArkDes

Guided tour of the architecture and decor of ArkDes which is one of the buildings being shown during the international festival Open House Stockholm.

The building comprises Fredrik Blom’s military training facilities which have been supplemented with premises for offices, archives and personnel. The extension has been designed by Rafael Moneo who has worked with the relation between the building and its surroundings in an attractive way and with respect and knowledge regarding the various needs of the users of the building. The original decor in ArkDes was done by Sandell Sandberg and over time it has been supplemented by Koncept Stockholm, among others. The guided tour will take you round the building where you will be able to discover the different qualities of the architecture.

During Open House Stockholm on 6-8 October, the general public will be invited to go on free guided tours of the city’s most unique and exciting buildings and places.

In addition to the ArkDes buildings, there will be Open House at Ralph Erskine’s Lådan (The Box) on Lovön during the festival. See separate information in the calendar.


Friday 6 October


Friday 6 October


Friday 6 October