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Photo: Viktoria Garvare

Finissage! Yarny, Medusa och en elefant: The Craft of Swedish Game Design

Yarny, Medusa och en elefant reveals the visual craft behind videogame design in Sweden. Join the finissage and learn more about the fascinating design and artistry of a design field behind the worlds, puzzles and characters that many know and love. Lecture with Aftonbladet Game Editor Effie Karabuda and a discussion between participants ofthe exhibition.

Videogames are everywhere. We play them on desktop screens and on devices that we hold in our hands. At home, on the bus, alone and together. But what do you actually know about the creative visual worlds behind the screens?

Yarny, Medusa och en elefant

Behind the Screens

Lecture: Effie Karabuda, Game Editor, Aftonbladet on the Craft of Swedish Game Design
Introduction by Kieran Long (Director, ArkDes) and Caroline Agné (verksamhetschef, Illustratörcentrum)
In Swedish.

Panel discussion with:
Linnéa Östedt Harrison, Neat Corporation
Emma Richey, Might and Delight
Martin Sahlin, Coldwood Interactive
Zeke Virant, Avalanche Studios
Moderated by James Taylor-Foster (Curator, Contemporary Architecture and Design, ArkDes) with Sofia Östlund (co-curator of the exhibition).
In English.

Wacom workshop with Therese Larsson of Silly Beast Illustration. Try out the digital tools that many game designers use when creating their visual worlds and characters.
In collaboration with Wacom.
Silly Beast Illustration

Location: Aula ArkDes; Boxen

The exhibition is open until 20.00 with free entry. Bar and DJ Julia Wallin in Café Blom from 19.00 until 22.00!



Tuesday 20 August

18:00  Free entry.