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The forgotten city – can’t see the city for the housing?

ArkDes welcomes you to talks and discussion on various housing policy dilemmas based on the books ArkDes Resumé: “Höra hemma” (Brief: Belonging – the housing policy dilemma) and “99 Years of the Housing Question in Sweden”.

“Building housing can be a relatively simple manoeuvre and can take place in a manner which can be likened to placing books in a bookshelf. Building a city requires a different and broader knowledge, consideration for the city as a collective system, and understanding for soft values, which involves empathy for the various segments of society.”
– Thorbjörn Andersson, landscape architect LAR/MSA and Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Many municipalities are planning for more housing, and the need in the major cities is both extensive and pressing. It is easy to misunderstand housing construction as urban construction when the quantity of housing seems easier to talk about, and not least to measure, than the quality of a city. But housing alone does not create a dynamic city life in which many functions interact and different ways of living are accommodated and create a rich living environment.

Introduction by Titti Olsson, Tankesmedjan Movium, SLU, and Sofia Bernstone, ArkDes.
Collaborators: Johanna Wiklander, city architect in Linköping municipality, Gunnar Blomé, project manager at Helsingborgshem, Thorbjörn Andersson, landscape architect LAR/MSA and professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Moderator: Per Wirtén, journalist and author.

In the autumn, ArkDes will examine different themes in the debate about housing and urban policies.

In Swedish.

29 September

13 November

12 December

ArkDes in collaboration with the think-tank Movium at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Vallastaden.

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Thursday 14 September

14:15  Vallastaden, Linköping