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Lösningen på bostadskrisen

Part 5: Panel discussion 2, Summary

Today, the Swedish housing crisis is a fact, and the consequences are becoming tangible not only for the individual, but also for society at large. How can we kickstart construction and mobility on the housing market, and what policy initiatives are required in order to solve the housing crisis?

Commissioned by Byggnads (trade union for all construction workers in Sweden), Kristian Skånberg has written the report “Bobyggande som samhälleligt brobyggare” [Housing construction as social bridge-building], concerning causes of and solutions to the housing crisis. As part of ArkDes’ forum “Tema (Bo)stad”, an expert panel will be selected to examine the report in detail and discuss the five bold policy proposals presented in the report with the aim of kickstarting construction and mobility on the housing market. The seminar is concluded with a panel discussion with the Liberal Youth of Sweden, LUF, the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, SSU, and the Swedish National Union of Students, SFS.

Between these panels, Mehmet Kaplan, Minister for Housing, Urban Development and IT, comments on the report, what has been noted by the first panel and his opinion on the questions and proposals put forward by Byggnads via Kristian Skånberg’s report.

Moderator: Dan Hallemar

In Swedish.

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