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ArkDes introduces ArkDes Think Tank

ArkDes Think Tank is a creative hub for research, collaboration and strategic analysis within architecture and design. Architecture and design professionals can now apply for grants to conduct investigative research. Available funds total 1 million Swedish krona.

In addition to engaging in collaborations, experience sharing and knowledge development, ArkDes Think Tank works towards the goals of the Swedish national architecture and design policy.
Through themes and investigative practice-based projects, ArkDes Think Tank creates new knowledge about styled living environments and explores ways to implement this and contribute to fulfilling the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Architects, designers, researchers, interior architects, artists, planning architects and landscape architects can apply for funding to develop an idea. The projects must be practice-based and investigative research that focuses on challenges and questions related to the city of today and tomorrow.

“ArkDes initiated this open call because we noted a recurrent wish, from both practicing architects and employees within the public sector and non-profit organisations, to be able to conduct in-depth research on an issue,” says Linda Kummel, Strategist and responsible for ArkDes Think Tank.

“For many, especially smaller offices, conducting research like this is not financially feasible. The open call is intended to enable practice-based, investigative projects that focus on challenges and issues related to the city of today and tomorrow. The projects should also be linked to the objectives identified in the Swedish government’s Politik för gestaltad livsmiljö (‘Policy for Designed Living Environments),” says Kummel.

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