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ArkDes maps Skärholmen

In the interzone between research and practice, ArkDes is charting the district of Skärholmen, south of Stockholm.
What is a place really? What value is there in it? Who defines this? The purpose of mapping Skärholmen is to investigate what kinds of visible and invisible value exists within a location, as well as how this can be charted with the aid of those who live and work in the area.

Skärholmen is a place undergoing transformation, with a great many new homes currently being built or planned. Together with Samir Alj Fält and Alicia Donat-Magnin, who have previously undertaken design projects with children and elderly residents of the area, ArkDes is investigating the meaning of various places and activities, as well as the stories that the area has to tell.

Walking tour: Stories about Skärholmen