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ArkDes in Vallastaden

On 2-24 September, the urban living exhibition Vallastaden presents the future way of living and building. ArkDes will be there with an exhibition and a seminar.

The exhibition Nödbostäder (Emergency Homes exhibition)

Sweden is in the midst of a desperate housing crisis. According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, 600,000 homes need to be built over the next eight years. But this is not the first time we have been short of housing. This exhibition depicts various solutions for overcrowding, low housing standards and housing shortages from the early 20th century to the present day.
Throughout history, emergency situations have resulted in groundbreaking architectonic innovations. Overcrowding for families with children in the 1930 led to the functional, elegant, narrow apartment buildings. The difficult situation today for the millions of refugees in the world created the versatile, award-winning Better Shelter, an alternative to the tents normally used in refugee camps. Better Shelter has solar panels, windows, ventilation and – not least – a door that can be locked.
The exhibition is part of Bo. Nu. Då [Live. Now. Then], which was shown at ArkDes in Stockholm between April 2016 and January 2017.

Den glömda staden (The forgotten city)

14 September 14:15-15:45
Do we not see the city for all the homes? Homes alone do not create a dynamic urban life. Many functions need to interact to create a rich living environment that incorporates different ways of living. This is a conversation about the city and its living spaces.
Participants: Anna Bertilson is Director of Social Housing at Linköping Municipality. Gunnar Blomé is project manager at Helsingborgshem. Thorbjörn Andersson is a landscape architect LAR/MSA and Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Moderator: Per Wirtén, journalist and author.

ArkDes Resumé: Höra hemma – om det bostadspolitiska dilemmat (ArkDes Resumé: Belonging – about the housing policy dilemma)

Throughout the whole period of the exhibition you can buy ArkDes’ newly published book “ArkDes Resumé: Höra Hemma – om det bostadspolitiska dilemmat [ArkDes Resume: Belonging – about the housing policy dilemma] in Vallastaden’s shop.
The book is a contribution to the public debate about homes and local heritage, housing and the city that is under way. Is the housing issue a dilemma with no solution, or is there an answer to how long-term housing policy can be developed in what is already being done or in our own history?