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STOCKHOLM 20181216 Arkdes Pepparkakshustävling 2018. Jacqueline Broms vann publikens pris. Foto: Christine Olsson / TT / Kod 10430

The winners of Gingerbread House 2018

Approximately 20 hours of baking gave Jacqueline Broms the audience prize in ArkDes’ gingerbread house competition. There was a record number participating in this year’s competition, with their unique interpretations of the theme “Luxury” – 153 gingerbread houses in all. Here are the winners of Gingerbread House 2018.

Audience prize

Winner: entry number 43. 545 votes. Jacqeline Broms. Description: High ceilings, large windows, 360° balcony – is that what luxury is? Maybe that, in combination with Christmas elves? Christmas elves that help around the house and putter about while they entertain you, could that be luxury?

Second place: entry number 1. 439 votes. Caroline and Miranda Skaghammar.

Third place: entry number 91. 418 votes. The Eriksson and Baggio Hagerman families.

Fourth place. entry number 3. 359 votes. Bagarmossen’s Preschool. Nybygget’s preschool classes.

Fifth place: entry number 119. 336 votes. Janna Johansson.

Architects, professional bakers and designers

Winner: number 33. Baker: Lindberg Stenberg Arkitekter. Burden for luxury. Whose burden is your luxury? In this gingerbread house, the glossy surface is supported by anonymous figures. Who are they, the figures who are unseen and unaccounted for in the building of our social system, but who hold up the structure? Oink Oink.

Second Place: number 78. Baker: Sveriges Arkitekter Ultuna. Description: When cities become denser with more people living in them, green areas and public spaces are taken over by buildings and disappear. Vegetation – something previously taken for granted – suddenly becomes a luxury.

Everyone else who bakes

Winner: number 91. Baker: The Eriksson and Baggio Hagerman families. Description: The ski tour. For us, luxury is nature that is pure and healthy and the fact that we, as human beings, feel part of it. Luxury is also a quiet corner and a warm, welcoming house to come home to.

Second place: number 1. Baker: Caroline and Miranda Skaghammar. Description: We have THE LUXURY to live in a hot air balloon house. We can fly around and live wherever we want. We’ve just landed on the ice-cream factory island – LUXURY ICE CREAM – yummy!
Honourable mention: Number 51. Baker: Maria Palm. Time is luxury – it just flies.

Honourable mention: number 119. Baker: Janna Johansson. This is a tribute to my grandmother, who taught me everything I know about baking gingerbread houses. For me, it was a luxury to have her in my life. When she was alive, we always talked about what we would do if we won a lot of money – we’d live a life of luxury.

Up to 12 years old

Winner: number 87. Baker: Forskaren Preschool. This is a gingerbread house with gingerbread hands and glazed legs. It’s a luxury to have a house that can walk, a robot house. If you need to move house, the house can walk there so you don’t have to miss the house, and if you want, the house can walk to the beach and you’ll just wake up there.

Second place: number 3. Baker: Bagarmossen’s Preschool. Nybygget’s preschool classes. The children’s idea of happiness was “the happy schoolyard”. There’s a tram and a swimming pool, ice skating rink, haunted castle, zoo, swing ride, trampoline, football pitch, library and game room.

Honourable mention: number 123. Baker: Lo Linnros. For me, luxury is being able to decide for myself and living in a tree house.

Honourable mention: number 140. Baker: Valter Johansson. Boat-o-copter with pool and bathing platform

Winner of Instagram contest

Baker: Maria Horneman together with her sisters, Åsa Lidström and Anna Lindeberg Mattsson. “Luxury” is having time together with my sisters! We don’t see one another very often and we live far apart, so when we meet we like to do the things we enjoy most. We built this house together – it’s luxurious, colourful and fun! “The Sister-hood” we call it.
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