In June 2021, the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg opens Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken.

Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken is the second in a series of exhibitions that brings together some of Sweden’s most talented architects to consider the question: What do we want our city to be? It follows Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron, which opened at ArkDes in 2019.

Speculation is crucial in architectural practice and a central role of the architect is to think differently. Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken highlights the artistic methods and visionary ideas of eight architects and studios to propose new possibilities for Brunnsparken – a public space in the heart of Gothenburg.

Throughout its history, Brunnsparken has continually changed and adapted to the city. At one time it was an islet in a larger network of inner-city canals that accommodated a well in which wealthier residents could draw freshwater. Today the site is often described as a public living room, a commercial centre, or a traffic junction.

Through drawings, models, words and references, these eight visions consider possible futures for one of Gothenburg’s most well-known and controversial places. They celebrate the architect’s ability to address the city as a layered, multifaceted environment capable of absorbing unexpected proposals and, together, can help us to see its potential in a new light.


Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter →
Erik Järkil Arkitektur→
Fable Arkitektur
Hedlund / Ekenstam →
Johan Linton
Mareld Landskapsarkitekter →
Per Nadén Arkitektur →
Unit Arkitektur

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Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken is on display at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg between June 5 and September 26, 2021. Find out more →

About Architecture Projects

Architecture Projects is a platform for architects to engage with the city, responding to broader discussions in which architecture has a central role. The project offers space for architects and practices of differing size and experience to be visionary: to speculate, consider and imagine the role of the architectural project in affecting different scales – from that of the interior to that of the city.

Curator and Exhibition Design: Naima Callenberg →
Graphic Design: Oskar Laurin →
Concept: ArkDes, James Taylor-Foster
Project Group at Röhsska: Louise Brännström, Johan Deurell, Amanda Eriksson, Andrea Erlandsson, Esbjörn Grip, Vanja Hermelin, Klara Käll, Stefan Törner

Architectural Projects: Brunnsparken is a collaboration between the Röhsska Museum and ArkDes.