There is a revolution underway in architecture and design publishing, that is giving a voice to independent editors and critics as never before. ArkDes dives into this debate with the help of guest curator Agnes Gidenstam and Naima Callenberg of Studio Nock, staging an exhibition in our library and a major symposium on contemporary architecture and design publishing on 16 November.

A Print Stockholm is a collection, an open archive, and an exhibition of independent architectural publications. The collection will comprise more than 100 journals and zines from 60 different publishers, all of which can be perused in ArkDes’ library throughout the
duration of the exhibition’s run.

The exhibition is curated by Studio Nock, which has chosen to focus on independent publications that are difficult to access in Sweden and introduce them to a wider public. According to Nock, the publications feature freer opinions and more innovative approaches than traditional architectural media.

Studio Nock is a new initiative with roots in Gothenburg founded by Agnes Gidenstam and Naima Callenberg with the aim of creating news platforms for architecture. The vision is to be a gallery for inspiring work – built and unbuilt – which can influence and enrich public discourse around architecture.

Curated by Agnes Gidenstam and Naima Callenberg

Participating publications: 2ha, Accattone, ANZA,  Architektur in Gebrauch, Bricks from the Kiln, Camenzind, CARTHA, Civic City, CLOG, Club Donny, Colon, Dérive, Ein Magazin über Orte, Engawa, Evil People in Modernist Homes in Popular Films, EYESORE, Flaneur, Fresh Meat, Friendly Fire, Harvard Design Magazine, Horizonte, Jiazazhi Press, Kenchiku to Nichijo, KOTE, KRITIK, KWER, LOBBY, Log, LOST, MacGuffin Magazine, MAP, Mas Context, Megawords, MIGRANT JOURNAL, Moon Space Books, mono.kultur, MONU, NAAM, New Geographies, PAPER, PIN-UP, Pisegrama, PLAT, Pli, Polemik, San Rocco, Scapegoat, S-meme, SOILED, STUDIO, terra firma, The Modernist, The Plantation Journal, Thresholds, TOO MUCH, trans magazin, Urban Pamphleteer, Very Vary Vari, WATAD, YUCA, and more.

In the ArkDes library 16 November – 3 December.