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Autumn 2017 at ArkDes

The autumn’s programme at Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (ArkDes) includes norm-critical design, two books about the housing question, and an exhibition about the interior design collective HI-Gruppen.

HI-Gruppen, 14 september–19 november

The autumn program will start with HI-Gruppen – arts and crafts in the age of plastic, an exhibition based on material from the ArkDes collections. HI-Gruppen was formed in the 1960s when it consisted of designers Åke Axelsson, Hans Johansson and John Kandell. HI-Gruppen sought to put craftsmanship back into focus through collaboration between craftsmen and designers at an early stage. This was during the era that was otherwise crazy for new materials such as plastics and chipboard. In addition to archival and photographic material from the ArkDes collections, the HI-Gruppen exhibition includes unique handcrafted furniture and prototypes. In conjunction with the opening of the exhibition, the book HI-gruppen och hantverkets återkomst (HI-Gruppen and the resurgence of arts and crafts) will be launched in cooperation with the Carlsson bokförlag publishing house. The book is by Johan Örn, curator at ArkDes, and is also the basis for the exhibition.

The Housing Question

A new architecture policy will be presented in the Swedish parliament in September. Since 2016, ArkDes has led debate about the role of housing policy and the challenges of housing construction under the theme Bo.Nu.Då (Housing.Now.Then).   On 31 August, two books based on the ArkDes housing theme will be launched along with the panel discussion. In the first book, ArkDes Resumé: Höra Hemma – om det bostadspolitiska dilemmat (Brief: Belonging – the housing policy dilemma), 39 writers summarise the issues that the ArkDes housing theme has treated and defines some of the challenges facing Sweden with links to architecture, design and sustainable development. The book is a co-production with the think-tank, Movium. The second book is entitled “99 years of the Housing Question in Sweden” (Studentlitteratur), which deals with Swedish housing policy using the 2016 ArkDes exhibition Bo.Nu.Då as its point of departure.   This book is by researcher Daniel Movilla Vega.

In September, ArkDes will touch down again at the housing fair in Vallastaden, Linköping, where the book ArkDes Resumé:
Höra Hemma – om det bostadspolitiska dilemmat (Brief: Belonging – the housing policy dilemma) will be discussed.

Norm Form, 6 oct–11 feb

The autumn’s major exhibition is about norm-critical design. In this exhibition, the visitor encounters design that challenges prevailing norms about what objects and cities should look like.

Have you ever wondered why a car looks the way it does, why the layouts in new apartments are almost identical, or why men’s and women’s bicycles look different? The way something is designed reveals how the society we live in is structured based on the norms that steer our lives. By turning this perspective around and questioning ingrained patterns, a new and surprising world emerges.

Curators: Karin Ehrnberger, industrial designer and PhD in product and service design; Camilla Andersson, architect and researcher at Aalto University; and Maja Gunn, designer and PhD in design specialising in fashion design.

Gingerbread, 30 nov – 7 jan

The annual Arkdes Gingerbread House exhibition is being held in keeping with tradition. The theme will be revealed in the week beginning 30th October and submissions will be received between 24-26 November.