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Venedigbiennalen 2016: Discussion — 2016-Ennials: A Geography of Temporary Territories

Discussion held in the Nordic Pavilion amphitheatre on the 27th May 2016 (15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia) between Martino Stierli (Philip Johnson Chief Curator, MoMA), Abdelkader Damani (Director of Frac Centre, Val de Loire), David Basulto and James Taylor-Foster (Curators, 2016 Nordic Pavilion), and moderated by Léa-Catherine Szacka (Oslo) and Rute Figueiredo (Lisbon).
First in Venice and Rotterdam, later in Oslo, Istanbul and Lisbon, 2016 will be a crowded year of “ennials”—either Biennials or Triennials—one in which Europe will be bound within a continuous interval, a geography of temporary territories. These large scale events will expose the architecture community to a wealth of ideas on different topics. But what is this all about? What place this emerging discourse occupies? Does it redefines the expanded field of architecture? Does it really impact cities?

“In Therapy” (2016 Nordic Pavilion) — intherapy.arkdes.se

Curator: David Basulto, Assistant Curator: James Taylor-Foster
Commissioners: ArkDes (Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design), Stockholm; Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki; National Museum’s Department of Architecture, Oslo
Project Management: Karin Åberg Waern
Project Advisors: Juulia Kauste, Eva Madshus
Exhibition Design: Marge Arkitekter
Graphic Design: MPVK and Lisa Olausson
Typographer: Thomas Hirter
Films: Matti Östling

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